Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Farewell to Bennigan's

How sad that Bennigan's is closed for good. Granted, I only ate there probably once every five years. The best thing on the menu was the Monte Cristo (pictured above), a delicious ham and turkey sandwich with melted Swiss AND American cheese that was then DEEP FRIED and smothered with POWDERED SUGAR. If that is not enough, it came with a side of RASPBERRY JELLY to dip it in, and fries of course. While not the healthiest meal, it was tasty and will be sorely missed. However, this closing means there is an opening for another restaurant to come up with something even more delicious and twice as unhealthy! I thought I would give them some help, so here is what I've come up with. I call it, the Monte Jaybird!I am not sure if it will be as delicious, but I am certain that the health aspects will be about the same.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Stargate Continuum!! Woooot!!

Today I took a trip to Target. Not just Target. SUPER TARGET. Things are usually good when they have "SUPER" in front of the name. This is unfortunately not the case for Target. Today is a very exciting day because "Stargate Continuum" is out on DVD! What's that? You have no idea what I am talking about? Ok. Here is the run down. Back in 1994 a movie came out called Stargate. It starred Kurt Russell and James Spader. If you haven't seen this, I highly recommend it. This kicked off a TV series starring Richard Dean Anderson (aka MacGyver) called Stargate SG-1. This is our (my wife and I) favorite show of all time. It lasted a whopping 10 seasons. The series finale was kind of a downer. There were two main storylines that they didn't really sufficiently finish. So, a few months ago, they released a feature length "straight to DVD" movie to finish one storyline, and TODAY, they release "Continuum" which wraps up the other storyline. Here is the bounty I seek-

Now for the reason I do not like Super Target. When the first DVD came out, I stopped here because it was on my way home from work. Unfortunately, the store is 5 miles wide and I had parked at the south end, only to find the DVDs were on the north end. With this lesson learned I parked on the north end this time! I'm so smart! I quickly grabbed my DVD and headed for the checkout lanes...

As you can see, I am at checkout lane 19, meaning I have passed 18 registers that are closed. 24, 26 and one other was open, but their were people with basket-loads in those lines, so I walked to the far SOUTH END of the store (yes, opposite of where I parked) to get to the "express" lanes. Only one person was in front of me in this "10 items or less" lane... you see where this is going.. yes, she had 17 items! Although there may have been 10 UNIQUE items, there were 17 total. Since the customer is never wrong, I'm sure Target will never explain this nuance to anyone, inconveniencing those of us taking advantage of the convenience of the express lane. I filled my canteen and hired a guide and took the long trek to the opposite side of the parking lot, but I got the movie! And an excellent movie it was! Well worth the trouble!

I look a little loony in the picture, but that is only because it is hard to covertly take pictures of yourself in a store without being thrown out.

Let the weirdness begin!

Ok, you are probably wondering why I would name my blog something as random as 431 LKH. The reason is twofold. First off, when signing up for my blog I tried several clever and witty names, all of which were taken of course. And since I didn't want to settle for a blog name like coolguy42313, I decided on the one letter/number combo that couldn't possibly be taken. It is the alphanumeric designation given by the Texas Department of Transportation to my parent's Oldsmobile Delta 88 sometime in the mid-eighties. I don't know why, I've always just remembered that license plate number. The earliest event I recall remembering it was when we took a trip to the Guadalupe river. Mom and I went to get the inner tubes to float down the river in while Dad and my siblings parked the car. The guy issuing the inner tubes asked my mom what the license plate number is. This is a system they have in place to stop inner tube theft. In case we decided to suddenly abscond with their precious valuable inner tubes, they would take possession of our priceless Delta 88. Anyways... I remember Mom saying "Gerad, go back to the car and get the license plate number." I said "I don't need to go back, it's 431 LKH". She gave me a strange look and asked me how I knew that. And so began a long string of strange useless things that I remember over long periods of time, while I can't remember what I had for lunch yesterday..