Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Special Guest Blogger....

Hello to all of my Daddy's readers (both of you)! I am Obi-wan-ka-Zoey. Although I lack the opposable thumbs, I type remarkably well. We had a big storm last night, which left me pretty scared...
But it did soften the ground enough for Daddy to dig a hole in the yard...
Which he filled in with a new crepe myrtle!
It would look much better if he would figure out how to change the string on the weedeater and get rid of the dead weeds along the fence. My grandma and grandpa gave us FIVE crepe myrtles to plant in our empty backyard. I really hope they fare better than the Bradford Pear that Daddy planted a couple years ago...
It hasn't done so well!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Thanks Mom and Dad!

With Christmas season fast approaching, I had been feeling really guilty that I had not yet used a gift certificate my parents got me for Christmas LAST YEAR to have my car detailed.

You see, during the summer, Texas weathermen like to do this thing my wife and I call the "Summer String-a-Long" where they always predict rain to be about three days away. The problem is, the third day never comes, the rain is always three days away and never shows up, it just stays really hot and dry. I used this perennially pending rain as my excuse for not having my car detailed. Ok, ok, I am the ultimate procrastinator! I finally went, and I am so happy, I don't think my car looked this good when it was new! It's really shiny inside and out!

I m
anaged to take a picture before it got too dark. Thanks Mom and Dad!! :)