Monday, September 29, 2008

Reader's Indigestion

My Reader's Digest threw up...

I really dislike the "Business Reply Mail" cards in magazines. I was reading an article in this month's Reader's Digest and the cover slipped out of my hand and I lost my place. I was having trouble finding it again due to these stupid cards so I decided to rip them out. There were four! Then I got overzealous and decided to rip out every page that had a full page ad on both sides. It was 19 pages! On top of that, there were 22 other full page ads that had actual content on the other side. I didn't even bother counting smaller ads. So.
. 19 pages with full page ads on both sides= 38 full page ads. Add the 22 to that and it is 60 FULL PAGES OF ADS! This isn't even counting partial page ads and the four "Business Reply Mail" cards! I think it would be best if these would only reach people who want to read them, so I have started my own publication which I call "Just the Ads". Let me know if you want to subscribe and I will send you a "Business Reply Mail" envelope! :)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Bacteria Soap Woo hoo!

I somehow wound up on today...

I have never bought into the benefits of anti-bacterial soap. I think it kills "good bacteria" and weakens our immune system. That's just my zany opinion. Anyways, on Dial's website, I found it funny that on one side of the page they mention they are celebrating 60 years of being the "gold standard" in "antibacterial clean" and then, just a FRACTION OF AN INCH on the SAME PAGE from that they promote the new "yogurt nourishing body wash"...

If I remember my 3rd grade science correctly, yogurt is made through the BACTERIAL fermentation of milk. That's right. Yogurt has bacteria in it. But I thought I antibacterial soap was best! WHAT'S GOING ON HERE!?!?!

Seriously, I am sure both products are fine, I just thought it was a strange parallel. (Please don't sue me Dial)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Our silly dog

Ok, I have had writers block for a while and my week has been pretty mundane, so I will tell you how our dog's week has been. I know, I know, exciting stuff! Our little pup is quite the morning person. Most mornings when she wakes up, she does sprints throughout the house just because she is so happy to be alive another day (we can learn a lot from dogs). Sunday was no exception. Unfortunately, in her excitement while trying to jump on the bed, she miscalculated the trajectory she would need to make it at her current speed. She hit the corner of the bed hard and fell backwards and landed on her back. For the rest of the day she was more sedate than usual. After she yelped a couple times when I tried to pick her up, it sealed my decision as an overprotective pet parent that she needed to come to work with me Monday morning and see the doctor. It turned out she will be fine, the diagnosis was "probable strained muscle due to collision". She is on pain meds for a couple weeks, but it is liquid that tastes like honey, so she is fine with it. We have also been lifting her when she wants up and down to make sure she doesn't hurt it any further. However, she is quite a sly dog and I think she has figured out this system. I am not so sure that she is hurting anymore but she is really liking being lifted up and down wherever she wants to be. Now she just pauses and looks up at us like "Well?? Are you just gonna sit there?". Yeah, we are well trained.