Saturday, October 23, 2010

Advances in Portable Toilets

In times past, while traveling in the car well out of range of a public restroom, one would have to use something like an old bottle for a makeshift toilet. Or, I don't know, find an actual toilet maybe. Apparently there is a shortage of readily available toilets, putting many toddlers that are just out of diapers and not quite potty trained in danger. Luckily, there are several opportunistic companies making portable toilets and marketing them to parents of kids in this "danger zone". These are cardboard and plastic things you tote around with you. What you do with them after they have been used I have no idea. Without further ado, I present "Advances in Portable Toilets"!

Potty Flip Disposable Potty
"It's potty time.. anytime." Is this really the message we want to send? I'd prefer "It's potty time when we are within convenient range of a bathroom or you are wearing a diaper". This was basically a collapsible cardboard box lined with a plastic bag.

TravelJohn Jr. Disposable Urinal
$9.99 for the convenience of peeing in the car? It's called an empty Big Gulp cup, seriously! If this is the TravelJohn "Jr." I am scared to ask what the TravelJohn "Sr." does. And is "gels instantly" really a selling point? Is it that much better to be left holding a container of gelled pee than regular pee? I also notice at the top left it says "each holds 20 oz". 20 ounces?! I think you should be visiting a doctor.

Potette Plus
Because the regular Potette wasn't enough they introduced the Potette Plus! Strolling down the sidewalk and gotta go? Just whip out the Potette Plus like this little girl. Because there is nothing unusual about relieving oneself on a public sidewalk.

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BeccaBug said...

I can vividly remember peeing in a Foldger's can while driving through Arbuckle Wilderness. Our parents were creative! Fun times ahead!